Many posts on Patentology are updates on developments in patent law, practice and related areas of economic and social policy.  Expect to find announcements and analysis of judicial decisions, proposed and implemented changes in legislation and regulations, and reports or commentary on government reviews and decision-making.
Other posts cover basic concepts of patent law and practice, intended to be useful for those who are not specialists in the area.
Still other posts comprise musings, views and opinions on anything and everything to do with national and international patent systems.
This page is maintained as an index to these last types of postings.  Articles are organised by title under broad subject headings.


History and development of patent law
  1. Are Patent Statutes Unnecessarily Complex? (6 June 2010)
Patentable Subject Matter
  1. The "Morality" of Gene Patents (6 July 2010)
  2. ACIP Reports on ‘Patentable Subject Matter’ (18 February 2011)
  3. Why IP Professionals Must Take ‘Gene Patent’ Opponents Seriously (8 May 2011)
Google (Android) vs Oracle (Java)
  1. Why Has Oracle Sued Google? (18 August 2010)
  2. Google Pushes Back on Oracle's Java IP Law Suit (7 October 2010)
  3. Oracle vs Google II – the Android Strikes Back! (18 February 2011)
Patent Office Practice
  1. Australian Patent Office Embraces "Obvious to Try" (13 August 2010)
  2. IP Australia Gets Tougher on Patent Applicants (23 September 2010)
  3. IP Australia’s ‘Case Management’ of Divisional Applications (18 February 2011)
Performance and Reform of the Patent System
  1. Statistics I: The USPTO Backlog and Applicant Behaviour (13 July 2010)
  2. Statistics II: How Many Examiners Does the USPTO Need? (20 July 2010)
  3. A Note on the Limitations of the Australian "Grace Period" (19 August 2010)
  4. Australian Patent Reform – Wrap-Up (3 April 2011)
Society and the Patent System
  1. Patent Spam and Other Scams (11 August 2010)
  2. Australia Votes — But Not on Innovation (20 August 2010)
Intellectual Asset Management
  1. Does Your Patent Portfolio Need a Health Check? (30 August 2010)

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