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Working on laptopAs this blog has become more-established and readership has grown, I have received an increasing number of unsolicited emails from people offering to contribute articles or other content.  In most cases these are commercial approaches, whereby the content will be provided for free, or even with a payment to me, in exchange for the inclusion of a link and/or particular key words and phrases within the article.  Other common features of these offers include assertions that the article will cover a topic that is relevant to my readers, that it will be written in the ‘style’ of my blog, and that it will be shared widely via the contributor’s social networks and increase the profile of the blog.

I am not interested in, and do not accept, commercial contributions of this kind.  While the Patentology blog has certainly raised my profile, and resulted directly and indirectly in professional and commercial opportunities for me, it has always been, and will remain, an independent source of news, analysis and opinion on patent law and practice, and related topics in the fields of innovation, technology, and policy.  No article on this blog will ever be published for the primary purpose of promoting the products or services of a third party.  Where I have written articles containing links and/or commentary on another site or service provider, it is because I genuinely believe that the information is of value or interest to my readers.

I am, however, open to publishing guest articles that are consistent with the topic areas typically covered on the Patentology blog, and with the interests of my readers.  In general, such articles would meet the following criteria.
  • Interest to readership.  Readers of the Patentology blog include Australian and foreign patent attorneys, entrepreneurs, inventors, employees and executives of innovative companies, patent office employees, economists, bureaucrats, and policy-makers.  These sophisticated and knowledgeable readers are interested in news, in-depth analysis, original thinking, and new or different opinions and perspectives on subjects falling within the normal topic-areas of the blog.  Contributions from authors who do not have specific expertise or experience in patent law and practice, innovation, technology, and policy are unlikely to be of interest to this audience.
  • Originality.  All articles published on Patentology must be original work, including analysis, information, and/or expert opinion that is not available elsewhere on the web.
  • Independent/non-commercial.  While contributing authors may benefit from exposure to the Patentology readership, and will be credited with a brief biography and a link to their website or profile elsewhere on the web, the content of a guest article must have a primary purpose of informing or entertaining readers in one or more of the topic-areas outlined above.  Articles that have been written substantially to promote the commercial interests, products, or service of the author, their clients, or their employer will not be accepted.
By all means, then, if you have an idea for a suitable article, send me a proposal via email to


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