05 July 2010

Is That a Flashlight in Your Pocket...?

To prove that we are not all about seriousness and gravitas here at Patentology, we are amused to learn that Interactive Life Forms, LLC ("ILF") has brought suit in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas against more than 20 companies it accuses of infringing two patents that cover a sex toy for men that resembles a flashlight, known as the "Fleshlight".

Obviously, this is a very serious matter for ILF, which is just as entitled to protection for its innovative products as companies in any other industry.  But the schoolboy in us cannot help sniggering just a little behind our hand over this one, as we wonder whether this case is going to get on a "rocket docket"!

Some of the more entertainingly-named respondents include Honey's Place Inc, Liberator Inc, Satistec LLC, Polydigitech Inc, Sawhorse Enterprises Inc, and (of course) Gigglesworld Corporation.

Who knew that the market for male sex toys disguised as everyday household items was so competitive?!

You can, if you feel so inclined, read the full complaint, and the two related patents US 5,782,818 and US 5,807,360.

We will keep you posted and/or enlighten you, if we hear of any further developments in this case!


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