13 October 2011

Australian Court Bars Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Following the conclusion last week of a hearing held in the Federal Court of Australia, in Sydney (see Back in Court, Apple Blames Samsung for Failure to Reach a Deal), at noon today Justice Annabelle Bennett handed down her decision as to whether or not Apple would be granted an injunction preventing sale of Samsung’s iPad-rivalling Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

Apple has been successful in obtaining a preliminary injunction preventing the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Australia, pending a full trial on Apple’s patent infringement claims.  This certainly means that the Samsung product will be unavailable in Australia to complete with Apple’s iPads in the run-up to Christmas.

While Justice Bennett’s decision was announced in the courtroom today, we understand that the full written decision, along with a decision summary, will not be published until tomorrow.  The delay is intended to enable both Apple and Samsung to review the decision, and indicate whether they believe it contains any confidential information that should be redacted.

Patentology will report further as additional information becomes available.


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