01 February 2012

Watermark Intellectual Asset Management Gets Social

@WatermarkIAMRegular readers will know that I do not generally use the Patentology blog for direct promotion of commercial interests.  There are details of where I can be found in my professional capacity on the ‘about’ page, and a relatively unobtrusive logo/link at the top of the sidebar, which recognises the considerable support and license I have been given by my employers in developing this blog.  Whatever goodwill I have managed to build up, some of it unquestionably belongs to them.

But I am a bit excited today about Watermark’s latest foray into social media, with the activation of an account on Twitter, @WatermarkIAM.  I think the profile page looks great, making good use of some of the terrific graphics created for Watermark when the firm freshened up its image and approach in 2010.  People following Watermark on Twitter will be able to keep up not only with what is happening with the firm, but also intellectual property and intellectual asset management news and opinions from Australia and around the world which catch Watermark’s attention as being worthy of sharing.

The Watermark Twitter feed will be different from @Patentology.  The firm will no doubt engage less casually with its tweeps that I am occasionally inclined to do in a more personal capacity, and will probably shy away from more controversial opinions.  And the information shared via the feed will range more widely across topics relating to innovation strategy, commercialisation, intellectual asset management, intellectual property, patents, trade marks, designs, copyright and so forth.  @Patentology will remain more focussed on patents and their deployment in the innovation and commercialisation processes – along with continuing attempts at witty banter, and less serious views on the IP issues of the day.

I therefore expect that @Patentology and @WatermarkIAM will provide complementary feeds, and hope that many readers will choose to follow both accounts.


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