29 June 2014

Have Your Say on Australian Innovation Policy!

Innovative ThoughtsThe Australian Science and Innovation Forum (ASIF), with the support of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, is conducting the Big Innovation Survey to inform a submission to the recently announced Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Innovation System.

Terms of Reference for the Senate Inquiry include: the need to attract new investment in innovation to secure high skill, high wage jobs and industries in Australia, as well as the role of public policy in nurturing a culture of innovation and a healthy innovation ecosystem; the Australian Government’s approach to innovation, especially with respect to the funding of education and research, the allocation of investment in industries, and the maintenance of capabilities across the economy; the importance of translating research output into social and economic benefits for Australians, and mechanisms by which it can be promoted; and current policies, funding and procedures of Australia’s publicly-funded research agencies, universities, and other actors in the innovation system.

ASIF is particularly seeking responses to the Big Innovation Survey from young professionals working in the innovation economy, including:
  1. researchers in academia, Government agencies, and institutes;
  2. scientists and engineers working in private industry;
  3. science and technology entrepreneurs;
  4. legal, financial and other professionals in the scientific and high-tech industry sectors (including patent attorneys); and
  5. those aspiring to create a start-up company, or those who have already done so.
If you fall into any of the above categories and/or have an interest in contributing to the development of innovation policy in Australia, your participation in the 10-minute on-line survey will help to build a picture of both the frustrations and the successes of working in Australia’s innovation sector.  ASIF is particularly interested in your experiences at traditional institutional boundaries, and examples of best-practice, whether from Australia or overseas.  This is a chance to get voice heard and make your opinions on innovation count.

Submissions to the Senate Inquiry close on 31 July 2014.  ASIF therefore asks that you please respond by Friday 11 July 2014, to ensure your comments are included in the response to the Senate Inquiry.

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