08 June 2015

Help the Homeless by Sending a Patent Attorney Out to Sleep Rough!

Would you like to see one of the leaders of the Australian patent attorney profession sleeping rough on one of the coldest nights of the year?
2015 CEO Sleepout
I hope you would, which is why I am asking Patentology readers to sponsor the efforts of Karen Sinclair, Principal and Chairman (her preferred title) of Watermark, in the upcoming Vinnies CEO Sleepout on Thursday 18 June 2015.

Funds raised through the Vinnies CEO Sleepout will go towards helping the more than 100,000 Australian men, women and children who are experiencing homelessness to find the warmth, safety and dignity that they desperately deserve.

Vinnies support people experiencing homelessness through a range of support services including crisis accommodation, domestic violence support, access to budget counselling, lifeskills courses and legal advice, as well as assisting in planning for change and their return to independent living.

It only takes a moment to make a difference and help contribute to breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Jason’s Story

I would like to share Jason’s story with you.

Jason had a troubled childhood, growing up with an abusive alcoholic father Jason was constantly walking on egg shells. He isolated himself from others, scared of what they might see.

Unable to deal with his past, Jason turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain.

“I hadn’t dealt with issues from my past and to open them was like opening Pandora’s Box. Once you open it you can’t shut it. The only way to shut it was through drink. I had to pretty much destroy myself to find myself,” says Jason explaining his journey through homelessness.

Coming to the Matthew Talbot Hostel was the start of a long road for Jason. His road to recovery from alcoholism and mental health issues was a long and tough one. What kept him on track he says was the support of staff at the Talbot.

“Whenever I would relapse I would tell my case worker straight away. They helped me become more open as a person as I didn’t want to hide anything from him. I tend to do things myself but getting along with people at the Talbot has been essential for me to move on from this place. They have helped me and watched me grow as a person,” says Jason.

Jason became involved with music room at the Ozanam Learning Centre where he taught himself how to play guitar, something he describes as “life-changing”.

Through the Job Placement Centre, Jason was able to get a computer where he’s able to write down all of his music as well as his poems and songs.

With a new confidence and strength, Jason has enrolled in a Carpentry and Joinery TAFE Certificate which he hopes will open up options for future employment.

“Thanks to the Talbot - they have motivated me to actually want to have a go and do things. This place is more than just a building. Without this place, I wouldn’t be here.”

Jason’s story shows how your generous donations can change people’s lives in such a profound way.

Sadly though there are still over 100,000 people who experience homelessness every night. Help make a difference to this and donate today.

Visit the Vinnies CEO Sleepout website for more information.

Every bit big or small helps.


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