11 May 2020

COVID Update – Still No Downturn in Patent Applications, as Self-Filers Focus on Pandemic Solutions

VirusLast month I looked at Australian and New Zealand patent application filings over the first quarter of 2020 and observed that there were no signs – yet – of any obvious downturn as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  With April now added to the tally, this remains true.  So far, there does not appear to have been any significant decline in filings compared to the same period in the past two years, or at least no decline that can be discerned amid the ‘noise’ of normal week-to-week fluctuations.  And this is the case across all application types (standard, innovation, and provisional), as well as across applications filed using the services of patent attorneys, and ‘self-filed’ applications prepared and lodged by the applicant and/or inventor themselves.

One thing that is notable, however, is the number of self-filed applications that seem to be related, in one way or another, to the ongoing pandemic.  Out of 182 applications filed by self-represented applicants in April (mostly provisional and innovation patent applications), at least 60 – i.e. nearly one third – are directed to protective equipment, purported treatments, social distancing technologies, personal hygiene, and other COVID-related products, based upon their titles.

Below, I provide updated charts of filings, including April 2020, and a list of COVID-themed patent applications filed last month, for your information and entertainment.

Australian Attorney-Filed Applications

The charts below show weekly numbers of standard, provisional, and innovation patent applications filed up to week 17 (ending on 26 April 2020) using the services of registered patent attorneys.  For further discussion on the interpretation of these charts, see my article from last month.  Generally speaking, however, within the normal weekly variations in filing numbers, 2020 is so far not looking too much different from either 2019 or 2018.
Weekly standard AU filings using an attorney
Weekly provisional AU filings using an attorney
Weekly innovation AU filings using an attorney

Australian Self-Filed Applications

The following charts show, firstly, the total number of applications (of all types) filed by self-represented applicants in Australia each week, as compared with the two previous years, and secondly the numbers of each type of application (standard, provisional, and innovation) filed up to week 17 of 2020.  Applications related in various ways to the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to an up-tick in provisional applications in the first half of April (weeks 14 and 15).
Weekly total self-filed applications
Weekly self-filed applications 2020 by category

New Zealand Filings

The following chart shows the number of New Zealand complete patent applications filed using the services of registered patent attorneys during each of the first 17 weeks of calendar years 2018, 2019, and 2020.
Weekly standard NZ filings using an attorney

Self-Filers Focus on COVID-19

While unrepresented applicants generally do not extract great value from the patent system, I suppose we should take encouragement from the fact that the current global pandemic is prompting some Australians to think about innovative solutions to the problems that are arising.  From improvements to personal protective equipment (PPE), to detection systems, to technological means for maintaining social distance, and seeing the world when actual travel is impossible, the titles of nearly a third of all self-filed applications in April indicate that many Australian inventors are directing their attention to COVID-19.

To conclude this article, the table below contains a list of such applications that I have identified in the filing data for April 2020.

Application No. Filing/NPE Date Type Title
2020100503 2020-04-01 Innovation Filter Mask with UV LED
2020100526 2020-04-03 Innovation etourguide is an innovative service using local and individual knowledge to provide a tour to people around the world.
2020100531 2020-04-07 Innovation Trolley Mate (to be registered - is available). A protective device placed on shopping trolley handles for personal protection.
2020100545 2020-04-10 Innovation TOV 770 - An innovative ethyl alcohol, chlorite, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil extract (Melaleuca alternifolia) based anti- SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) viral surface sanitizer
2020100550 2020-04-12 Innovation System to detect Viruses such as COVID19 and other Pathogens and Bacteria
2020100548 2020-04-12 Innovation WASHABLE WATERPROOF HYGIENE MASK
2020100553 2020-04-13 Innovation System to detect Viruses such as COVID19 and other Pathogens and Bacteria
2020100564 2020-04-14 Innovation CORONAVIRUS IMPACT ON THE WORLD ECONOMY PROBLEMS SOLVING: I invent the equation for solving the forecast of number of COVID-19 cases in the future so to help a country can re open the business as early as possible in the minimizes of COVID-19
2020100566 2020-04-15 Innovation An Innovative Nature ingredients formulations benefits benefit respiratory system.
2020100582 2020-04-16 Innovation This is a patient mouth shield to stop aerosols from spreading to the air. it is a clear plastic shield sitting on suction tube with access holes to allow handpieces and triplex reach the tooth and create as much as droplet they want without them reaching to the dentist and assistant airway and face.
2020100584 2020-04-17 Innovation CSU COMPACT STERILISATION UNIT
2020100608 2020-04-21 Innovation Process for Determining Hand Hygiene Compliance
2020100619 2020-04-23 Innovation Etourguide is a modern innovative way of touring the world using available technology without having the usual hassles of traditional travel. Etourguide innovatively utilises everyday technology to bring the global community together, aiming to provide a personalised tour to those who are limited to travel the world due to their unique circumstances. Another significant aspect of Etourguide is the ability to create jobs for those who are interested in earning money by working in Etourguide community a...
2020100641 2020-04-27 Innovation Quadruple Regime using Azithromycin 500mg daily plus Vitamin C gram twice daily plus Zinc 500mg daily plus Low-dose Aspirin 100mg daily for 12 weeks to be used as prophylaxis to prevent COVID-19 Virus / Corona Virus / SARS COVID 2 Virus infection in Nursing home / aged care population in Illawarra Region NSW Australia.
2020100645 2020-04-28 Innovation The Inclusion of a themal temperature check of the user, incorporatred into mobile phones, that includes identification of the user, including an application to connect to a healthcare service, by providing the user with a code, the code being only issued if the users temperature check indicates a high temperature
2020100672 2020-04-30 Innovation Covid Bluetooth Tracking Device
2020100661 2020-04-30 Innovation MOZMASK is. a cloth and filter hybrid face covering incorporating outer cloth layer and internal 25 gsm non woven material sewn into 2 - 3 layers or the use of a cotton batting filter layer as a personal protection
2018432690 2020-04-30 Standard (NPE) An electro-mechanical resuscitating apparatus
2020901010 2020-04-01 Provisional The Air Shield forms a curtain of air around the face of a wearer, covering eyes nose and mouth with filtered air from a portable unit which is situated on ones head. It is powered by a fan and run by batteries. Thus also reflecting dust and germs any contaminants that the force can repel.
2020901032 2020-04-02 Provisional Different cut of long sleeves PPE made of cotton material, pocket. different types of disposable sleeves to protect the reusable garment. one has strings or Velcro on each end of the sleeves to grip the arm and wrist. Instructions on how to dress to protect clinical staff like doctors and nurses on the floor looking after COVID-19 patients. I excluded the surgical hat but it is needed too. Instructions on how to dress for VRE patients.
2020901057 2020-04-04 Provisional Face mask built in goggles
2020901058 2020-04-05 Provisional A electrically conductive porous covering to attenuate microorganisms.
2020901061 2020-04-05 Provisional A System is defined that adds UV disinfection lightingto help eliminate & cleanse areas limiting germs & virus infections by integrated into areas on a variety of areas including Unattended Retail, Access Control, Mobile & Wearable Hardware, Input/Touch systems & human handling of cash , cards and tap hardware technologies. In a second extension of the defined system, integration with temperature controls & face recognition can trigger pre and post human interaction UV disinfection.
2020901077 2020-04-06 Provisional detachable face shield and reusable plastic shield
2020901074 2020-04-06 Provisional An invention and method for enhanced screening
2020901072 2020-04-06 Provisional Face shield 3
2020901064 2020-04-06 Provisional Silver Oxide Nano Particles for the Prevention and Treatment of Corona Virus COVI-19 This patent covers the use of Silver Oxide Nano Particles for the ingestion, inhalation or intravenous use for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 virus and associated secondary and tertiary bacterial infections.
2020901063 2020-04-06 Provisional 2 types of face shield. made of foam, tough clear material as shield, Velcro elastic material
2020901062 2020-04-06 Provisional Detachable face shield for droplets. Long sleeves scrubs. Scrub up to waist. High neck collar. scrub has a sip at the back.
2020901099 2020-04-07 Provisional A SIMPLE RESPIRATOR
2020901088 2020-04-07 Provisional Simple ventilator
2020901081 2020-04-07 Provisional face shield reusable, accessories reusable or disposable
2020901112 2020-04-08 Provisional Reusable face shield made from vinyl clear cloth material and tabletone material covers the foam. Velcro to attach both the foam and mask. cover material stitched on top of the clear face shield for decor and to protect the behind the scene stitch. elastic to attach at the back of the head.
2020901121 2020-04-08 Provisional Methods and apparatus for treating a respiratory disorder
2020901127 2020-04-08 Provisional Cheapest face shield
2020901129 2020-04-08 Provisional Algae Hand Sanitiser Gel
2020901130 2020-04-08 Provisional Systems and methods for the disposal of used Facial tissue
2020901152 2020-04-10 Provisional Reusable face shield
2020901159 2020-04-11 Provisional face shield
2020901165 2020-04-12 Provisional WoopWoop is a Social Distancing App designed to tackle Covid-19. With no vaccine available, the only effective way of reducing infections and therefore saving millions lives across the world appears to be isolation and social distancing measures. While social distancing is recommended and mandatory is many countries, application of social distancing measures is often lenient or impractical. Thats where WoopWoop comes in. WoopWoop keeps the users of smartphones socially apart - 1M, 1.5M or 2M dependi...
2020901161 2020-04-12 Provisional face mask
2020901164 2020-04-12 Provisional Mobile Hands free Eucalyptus spray
2020901167 2020-04-13 Provisional Breathing assisting System
2020901169 2020-04-13 Provisional a new breathing apparatus
2020901168 2020-04-13 Provisional N95 face mask
2020901174 2020-04-14 Provisional A SIMPLE LOW COST RESPIRATOR
2020901173 2020-04-14 Provisional N95 face mask
2020901203 2020-04-16 Provisional A fixed or removable flexible vertical or horizontal clear screen that acts as a shield and divider between seats used in mass people transport, such as bus, train, tram, ambulance, prisoner and ferry passenger seats. The screen is specifically intended to increase transport capacity whilst supporting requirements of social distancing by acting as a barrier to potential transmission of air born particles between passengers and can be readily cleaned and disinfected between uses.
2020901228 2020-04-17 Provisional Social Distance Mobile Apps.
2020901250 2020-04-20 Provisional Spray on surface coatings to alter and tailor surface properties for a variety of applications. A target is reducing virus sustainability and integration of sterilisation methods
2020901252 2020-04-21 Provisional Foam cover number 2 for the reusable or disposable face shield made from tabletone material or coverings materials
2020901261 2020-04-22 Provisional A device designed to be carried to open doors and press lift buttons without direct touch, with a mechanism to isolate the device once used to prevent cross-contamination and infection spread
2020901284 2020-04-23 Provisional A physical barrier to reduce the risk of transmission of respiratory droplet transmissions between the patient and the clinician performing the test during optical coherence tomography (OCT) and/or retinal fundus imaging.
2020901313 2020-04-26 Provisional Anti Microbial Mask Vapor Adhesive Strip
2020901347 2020-04-29 Provisional Combination Connector for Ventilator Circuit
2020202495 2020-04-14 Standard Hand protector ,washable, light weight , easy use for shopping time .


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