13 August 2010

Coming Soon: Online Access to Australian Patent Prosecution Histories

IP Australia, the Australian government authority that comprises the Patent, Trade Marks and Designs Offices, has announced that from early 2011 patent prosecution documents will be available via the AusPat online search database.

The AusPat enhancement, to be called eDossier, will provide access to documents relating to the prosecution of patent applications dating back to 2006 and which are open for public inspection (OPI), including:
  1. requests for examination ;
  2. examination reports;
  3. responses to examination reports;
  4. amendments; and
  5. search results.
This is great news, and we look forward to IP Australia joining the elite group of patent offices around the world that provide the public with this level and ease of access to information.

The IP Australia announcement of eDossier can be found here.


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