31 January 2011

IP Australia Introduces New Forms, New 'Corporate Branding'

Last week, IP Australia announced upcoming changes to its various official forms, commencing with new Patents Forms to be launched today (31 January 2010).

The reasons for the update include providing users with information and links in relation to IP Australia's new Privacy Policy, grouping fields for personal information together on a single page, and removing the need for signatures, except when required by legislation.

But the part we found most intriguing was the promise that the new forms would apply IP Australia's 'new corporate branding'.

Now the new forms have now been released, we have been able to get our first look at what is presumably a facet of a new look for IP Australia...

So here it is:

IP Australia's New Form Header...

...and Footer.
It seems that IP Australia's new corporate colours are a purplish-shade of brown (or perhaps a brownish-shade of purple - if someone can provide a better description for that colour, please let us know) along with blue, red, green, and yellow representing the four types of rights administered by IP Australia, i.e. patents, trade marks, registered designs and plant breeders' rights.

Also notable is the new slogan: Robust intellectual property rights delivered efficiently.

This slogan appears to reflect IP Australia's reform agenda, which we have mentioned previously on this blog.  However, most of the proposed reforms have yet to be implemented.  We therefore anticipate that the agency's corporate rebranding may take place over a relatively extended period.


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