10 December 2010

Patentology Soundbytes

"All the news (and views) that's fit to link!"

'Soundbytes' are even more brief than 'Newsbytes'.  No original commentary, just links to other news items, articles and publications that have come to our attention.

In this issue:
  1. Research Corp. Technologies v. Microsoft Corp.
  2. Progress on a single 'pan-European' patent?
  3. Intellectual Ventures lashes out.
  4. PwC's annual US Patent Litigation Study.
...and more...
Patentology Soundbytes - we trawl the Web, so you don't have to!

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit adopts a more generous approach to patentability of software inventions in Research Corp. Technologies v. Microsoft Corp. Read about it...
  1. on the Patently-O blog.
  2. at Patentmath.

Hopes for a single widely-enforceable (almost) 'pan-European' patent seem to be looking up, as frustrated nations look to cut the recalcitrant Spain and Italy out of the process.  Read about it...
  1. on the IP Kat blog.
  2. at IAM Magazine.

It seems that the sheep's clothing may have come off, as patent-holding and invention development company Intellectual Ventures does what it said it would not do, and sues a slew of companies over patents relating to software security, DRAM/Flash memory and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays.  Read about it absolutely everywhere, but in particular...
  1. on the Patently-O blog.
  2. at IP Watchdog.
  3. on the 271 Patent Blog.
  4. at IAM Magazine.
  5. at Weiskopf's Intellectual Property Law Blog.
  6. in the New York Times Bits blog.

PwC's annual US Patent Litigation Study is out now, and is a veritable treasure-trove of fascinating (and not-so-fascinating) facts and stats.  Get the report for yourself, and read the perspectives...
  1. on the 271 Patent Blog.
  2. at IAM Magazine.

Other publications that caught our attention this week:
  1. As Aventis Pharma's anti-cancer drug Taxotere comes off patent in Europe, a French court was required to look at the extent to which 'springboarding' by generic competitors is permissible - at the Kluwer Patent Blog.
  2. Two academics (one biotech, one legal) have filed an amicus curiae ('friend of the court') brief opposing the arguments of the ACLU and PubPat against 'gene patents' - at the Patent Docs blog.
  3. The December issue of the PCT Newsletter is out.  No major events, but we were interested by the 'Practical Advice' article on using the Digital Access Service (DAS) as a mechanism for furnishing the International Bureau with priority documents.


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