08 February 2011

Join Us at ‘ANZ-IP’ on LinkedIn

We would like to invite all of our readers to join, and contribute to, a new discussion group that we have created on LinkedIn.

The group, named ‘ANZ-IP’, is intended as a members-only forum for anyone and everyone interested in the practical aspects of protecting, managing, exploiting and enforcing IP and IP rights in, or from, Australia and New Zealand.  This is a forum for people to ask questions, to share experiences and strategies, and to network with, and seek assistance from, fellow professionals and experts.  All with these interests are most welcome to join. 

Whether you are an attorney, an IP manager, an inventor, a brand manager, in-house counsel, small business owner, or patent examiner; whether you work within a large corporation, or you are a sole operator; whether your main IP assets are patents, trade marks, copyrights, trade secrets, or other forms of intellectual assets; whether you want to ask a question, or share your thoughts, knowledge and experience with others... we hope that this group will become a useful resource.

To access the ANZ-IP group, and send a request to join, click here.


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